Acknowledgement of quality and excellence

The EDEN Executive Committee has established a recognition scheme of the Association by introducing the titles of EDEN Senior Fellow and EDEN Fellow.

The EDEN Fellow Award is serving as expression of appreciation of professional merit. It is presented every year to a few outstanding professionals, who have demonstrated excellence in professional practice of open, distance and e-learning and provided valued support to the evolution and progress of the European professional community.
The EDEN Senior Fellow title is awarded to a limited number of outstanding EDEN members, in recognition of their contribution to the development of open, distance and e-learning in Europe and for their valued commitment and support to the evolution and progress of EDEN.

The 2021 Fellow and Senior Fellow Awards will be presented by Sandra Kucina Softic, President during the Conference Welcome of EDEN 2021 Virtual Annual Conference, on 21 June, starting at 18.00.

EDEN promotes excellence and innovation using both formal and informal methods, helps recognising and valuing competences, and strives to improve the quality and efficiency of education by supporting the EU 2021 objectives.

will be bestowed at the EDEN 2021 Virtual Annual Conference.