Young Scholar Grant

Three young scholars or teams of young scholars will be awarded a grant of 300 Euros for submitting a significant contribution (Full paper) to the EDEN 2021 Annual Conference. The grant is supported by the Ulrich Bernath Foundation for Research in Open and Distance Learning.

Eligible for the Young Scholars Grants are degree-programme and doctoral students who individually or in teams submit original research papers to the EDEN 2021 Annual Conference in Madrid. The paper will be presented by young scholar(s). Teamwork with senior scholars are accepted; however, it must be declared that the major part of the paper has been authored by young scholar(s).

The evaluation follows five standard evaluation criteria:
(i)The paper deals with a research question;
(ii) rigorous examination/research methods are applied;
(iii) findings, results and outcomes are convincingly presented and critically examined;
(iv) conclusions are thoroughly discussed (including aspects like applicability, transferability, and further research;
(v) literature is reviewed against the state of art.