G1. Posters and Demonstration

G1. Posters and Demonstration

14Katharine Jewitt, Jacqueline Baxter and Alan FloydLeading and managing online learning in schools during covid 19 and beyond
18Maha HassanNew CEFR Revisions, is there a place for Inclusive Practices?
49Matthew Stranach, Christina Cederlof and Helena PrinsEscaping the Ordinary: Creating a Virtual Symposium on Digital Citizenship for Using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) for Post-Secondary Students and Educators in British Columbia, Canada
63Miquel Àngel Prats Fernández, Teresa Romeu, Montse Guitert, Elena Sofía Ojando Pons and Jordi SimónDigital competence for citizens: updating and validation of the ACTIC framework to the new digital context
64Eva Pardo, Cristina Castellanos-Serrano, Gonzalo Escribano, Juan Diego Paredes-Gázquez and Enrique San Martín GonzálezIMPACT OF COVID-19 PANDEMIC ON DISTANCE LEARNING PERFORMANCE: AN ANALYSIS OF APPLIED ECONOMICS’ STUDENTS
65Cristina Castellanos-Serrano, Gonzalo Escribano, Eva Pardo, Juan Diego Paredes-Gázquez and Enrique San Martín GonzálezIS THERE A GENDER GAP IN DISTANCE EDUCATION OUTCOMES ON APPLIED ECONOMICS? COVID-19, WORK-LIFE BALANCE AND DIGITAL GAP
84Anca Colibaba, Irina Gheorghiu, Cristian Timofticiuc, Anca Constantin, Alexandra Hanu, Evelina Oancea and Adrian Lucian DinuChallenges and Solutions: The Weaving Webs of Stories Project
95Jonas BäckelinPedagogical Affordances when Transitioning to Hybrid Forms of Learning
103Michael Petropoulos, Apostolos Tsirigotis and Antonios LeisosDISTANT EDUCATION IN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE μNet PROJECT
111Ulf-Daniel Ehlers and Tina Marie MonelyonPromoting Open Education Through Gamification - Catch The Open!: A Serious Interactive Learning Game
116María José Lobato Suero, María del Carmen Sánchez Sánchez and Carmen Salazar-PeraACCOMPANY BOYS AND GIRLS TO ART GALLERIES IN UNCERTAIN TIMES. PROJECT OF A SUPPORT SITE



Katharine Jewitt
Jacqueline Baxter
Alan Floyd
Maha Hassan
Christina Cederlof
Helena Prins
Elena Sofía Ojando Pons
Jordi Simón
Gonzalo Escribano
Juan Diego Paredes-Gázquez
Irina Gheorghiu
Cristian Timofticiuc
Anca Constantin
Alexandra Hanu
Evelina Oancea
Adrian Lucian Dinu
Michael Petropoulos
Apostolos Tsirigotis
Antonios Leisos
María José Lobato Suero
María del Carmen Sánchez Sánchez
Carmen Salazar-Pera