Morning Plenary – Presidents’ Session

Morning Plenary – Presidents’ SessionLive streamPlenary

Opportunity knocks!

EDEN becoming of age, now being not a teenager or twen any longer and having progressed through its wild 20ties, now enters the age of where legacy starts to be an issue...Opportunity knocks!“ thus has to do with the fact that every round anniversary is a special call to reflection, triangulation and the attempt to determine the current position while sailing on the ocean of European Distance and E-Learning.

EDEN, its Executive Council, surrounding experts and a Think-Tank has embarked on a process of analysing its strengths and weaknesses and of reflecting its opportunities. This process has now come to an end through a high level Think-Tank exercise this year.

We are on the verge of winning over a nasty pandemic (hopefully, you may forgive my early enthusiasm) which, as European societies – has effected our way of thinking about digital transformation in an entire new way. The session proposes to take stock of opportunities and discuss if we need a new paradigm of thought, or if we can stick to our current models, way of thinking and well-used arguments.

Ulf-Daniel Ehlers



Alan Tait Professor Emeritus of Distance Education and Development, The Open University; Fellow, Centre for Distance Education, University of London, UK