PhD Symposium

PhD SymposiumPublic session

Chair: Professor Josep M Duart, EDEN Vice-president for Research, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain
and Senior Lecturer Timothy Read, EDEN Vice-president for Open Professional Collaboration, UNED, Spain

Committee members

  • Airina Volungevičienė, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania
  • Alan Tait, Professor Emeritus of Distance Education and Development, The Open University, UK
  • Wim Van Petegem, KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Sarah Guri-Rosenblit, The Open University of Israel, Israel
  • Albert Sangra, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain
  • Daniel Dominguez, UNED, Spain
  • Ines Gil Jaurena, UNED, Spain
  • Covadonga Rodrigo, UNED, Spain
  • Beatriz Sedano, UNED, Spain
10:00 Plenary Opening Speech Sandra Kucina (EDEN President)
Timothy Read (EDEN VP, UNED, Spain)
Josep M Duart (EDEN VP of Research)
Session TIME
Title Author Author's institution
A 10:15 42 Student Profiles in MOOCs: Identification of Temporary Patterns of Use From the Analysis of Two Language MOOCs Juan José del Peral Pérez UNED, Spain
A 10:45 40 Design of a Framework to Foster Collaborative Learning Through a Moodle Mobile Plugin Anuradha Peramunugamage, Dr Uditha Rathnayake and Prof Shironica Karunanayaka The Open University of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka
A 11:15 48 Detection of Educational Guidance Needs of New Students in Undergraduate Studies at UNED and Proposal of an Academic Support Programme Based on Chatbots Borja Guerrero Bocanegra UNED, Spain
B 10:15 76 Mall in an ESP Context: Testing Tourism Vocational Training Students' Competence in Mall-Aided Oral Skills. Juan José Magaña Redondo UNED, Spain
B 10:45 114 What Makes a Video Presentation Engaging for Students? Lídia Vinczéné Fekete Corvinus University, Hungary
B 11:15 105 Augmented Reality and Hypervideo Combined: Interactive Technologies to Support Procedural Learning in Initial Vocational Education and Training Vito Candido and Alberto Cattaneo Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, Switzerland
11:45 Break (30')
C 12:15 66 Learning Spanish As a Foreign Language in a Digital Context in Pandemic Scenario: A Case in a Portuguese University Grauben Navas Pereira, Lina Morgado and Antonio Chenoll Universidade Aberta, Portugal
C 12:45 83 Trends Towards an Adaptable Hybrid Model in ICT in Second Language Learning at University Level. Monica Vilhelm UNED, Spain
D 12:15 86 Innovation in the School System Christian Schrack Sigmund Freud University, Austria
D 12:45 33 Digital Assessment Strategies for Learning Oriented Assessment Rasa Greenspon Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania
13:15 End of the programme